NewsCaster Connect & Control

NewsCaster Connect bridges your Newsroom Computer System to the NewTec TriCaster using a MOS compatible plugin. Media Assets that have been associated with slugs in the Newsroom Computer System will automatically populate the TriCaster's media bins, reflecting the current rundown in real-time.


Newscaster Control is a style-based news production automation system. Users can assign a type/style an individual slug, or use the application to execute single keystroke commands to perform a complex sequence of actions that creates the desired style effect.

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Who We Are:

Dean and Tony have been shaking up the News Industry for over 40 years. After building one of the original PC based Broadcast Newsroom Systems in the early 90's, they've turned their focus to system integration and have partnered with NewTek to provide a low-cost/high-power solution for existing and developing News Stations. By leveraging the existing hardware platform of the TriCaster, NewsMaker Systems has succeeded in developing a full-integration solution utilizing the industry standard MOS protocol.









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over 40 years.

Our Products

We offer two distinct products for your newsroom computer system: Newscaster Connect and Newscaster Control.


The first step is Connect. This software is contained in a dedicated 1-RU server and it functions seamlessly in the background of your news broadcast to keep the TriCaster synchronized with the Rundown Software of your choice. We support Avid iNews, AP's ENPS, Octopus, ANNova Open Media, Ross Inception, and more, all using the industry standard MOS protocol. Any media assets - video clips, audio files, graphics, and LiveText title's - are automatically and instantly copied onto the TriCaster in their play-out order, using a dedicated 1Gbps ethernet connection.

The second step is Control. We've developed a fully functioning macro development and execution enviornment that runs in the same physical box as Connect. This program allows the user to create complex, scripted event sequences that are run within the Tricaster. The advantage of this is that styles can be associated with slugs within the rundown, and when the show is on air the director only has to push the 'next' button to drive a complicated succession of actions within the Tricaster.