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Welcome to the World of Affordable Broadcast News Automation.

We have some exciting products to demo at NAB 2015:

NewsCaster Connect™ & NewsCaster Control™

See us at NAB (SL15517 & SU621E1) to learn more.


NewsCaster Connect does two things.

    • First, it allows Newsroom Computer System users to browse and select from proxies made from the current contents of the TriCaster.
    • Second, it dynamically controls the TriCaster Media Bin playlists to reflect the playout sequence as specified within the Newsroom System. The contents of the Media Bins are cleared and reloaded when a newsroom show is placed on-air. As the show producer add, deletes, moves or floats stories, the Media Bin playlists are automatically modified to reflect these changes. Support is provided for the DDR1, DDR2, Graphics, Text and Audio Media Bins.

Initial delivery will support the MOS implementations of the ANNova OpenMedia, AP ENPS, Avid® iNEWS®, NorCom NCPower, and Octopus Broadcast Newsroom Computer Systems.

Want to know more? Our product page offers an in-depth look!

Find out how the NewsCaster can take your Broadcast Newsroom System to the next level.

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