NewsCaster Connect & Control

NewsCaster Connect bridges your Newsroom Computer System to the NewTek TriCaster using a MOS compatible plugin. Media Assets that have been associated with slugs in the Newsroom Computer System will automatically populate the TriCaster's media bins, reflecting the current rundown in real-time.


Newscaster Control is a style-based news production automation system. Users can assign a type/style an individual slug, or use the application to execute single keystroke commands to perform a complex sequence of actions that creates the desired style effect.

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Who We Are:

Dean and Tony have been shaking up the News Industry for over 40 years. After building one of the original PC based Broadcast Newsroom Systems in the early 90's, they've turned their focus to system integration and have partnered with NewTek to provide a low-cost/high-power solution for existing and developing News Stations. By leveraging the existing hardware platform of the TriCaster, NewsMaker Systems has succeeded in developing a full-integration solution utilizing the industry standard MOS protocol.









The working principle behind NewsCaster Connect is simple; take the clips from your Newsroom Rundown and populate the TriCaster's media bins with the necessary content. Just don’t be fooled, pulling this off seamlessly isn’t as easy as we make it look. We’ve spent years working closely with NewTek in order to come up with a truly organic solution. By utilizing the MOS protocol, we are able to keep track of the media assets needed to produce your broadcast, and keep those in the TriCaster’s media bins in the correct playback order, all while being responsive to any additions, deletions, moves, or float actions by the producer. The media assets we currently support are video, audio, and still graphics.

So how does this all interface with your Newsroom System?

Since the introduction of the MOS standard, newsroom systems have had a standard method of access, and we take advantage of that with our Newsroom plugin. Because it’s a plugin, we can use it with Avid’s iNews, AP's ENPS, Octopus, ANNova’s Open Media, Ross’ Inception, and anything else that supports MOS. One of the real strengths behind our plugin is your ability to interact with your media assets - even ones that don’t exist in NewsCaster yet. What we do is create a placeholder MOS object and once the media asset is placed in the watch folder, the placeholder becomes the asset with no need for any user interaction. As for the existing assets, you can browse through the database using NewsCaster’s Newsroom Plugin and view low-rez proxy files that are automatically created on import. Simply drag those assets into a slug to create the MOS object in your stories, or view them in the built-in media viewer.


NewsCaster Control is the really cool stuff. What we have done is develop a full Style-Based Newsroom Automation system that integrates directly into your newsroom system. In fact, it’s right there in our Newsroom Plugin - the Styles tab. It sounds simple, but simple has never had so many tricks up its sleeve. What the producer of your news broadcast can do is select what style the story is going to be - VO / SOT / Reader / Double Box / etc - and declare that right in the story, like you would add any MOS object. From there, as the show is running, the NewsCaster Operator only needs to press the ‘NEXT’ button to progress through a story (shot to shot) and to roll from one story to the next; the TriCaster will perform the pre-defined operations to accomplish the assigned style(s).

So how can we do this? We’ve delved deep into the inner workings of the NewTek TriCaster to built a complete macro system that is capable of harnessing the full capabilities of the box. This macro language is utilized to build complex Styles with support for variables, and conditional logic. The end result is that the Newsroom Producer can compose an entire news production from within their Newsroom Rundown Software WITHOUT the need to deal with complex macros, but with pre-built, assignable styles. What sets NewsCaster apart from the competition is our use of parameters; instead of needing to write macros on a case-by-case basis, which can yield thousands of unique options, we provide assignable parameters to our styles so the producer has a degree of flexibility when designing the show. Each style will have a number of assignable parameters depending on the type of shot that lets the producer tailor the style to the content, not the other way around.

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over 40 years.

Our Products

We offer two distinct products for your newsroom computer system: Newscaster Connect and Newscaster Control.


The first solution is Connect. This software is contained in a dedicated 1-RU server and it functions seamlessly in the background of your news broadcast to keep the TriCaster synchronized with the Rundown Software of your choice. We support Avid iNews, AP's ENPS, Octopus, ANNova Open Media, Ross Inception, and more, all using the industry standard MOS protocol. Any media asset - video clips, audio files, graphics, and LiveText titles - are automatically and instantly copied onto the TriCaster in their play-out order, using a dedicated 1Gbps ethernet connection.

The second solution is Control. We've developed a fully functioning macro development and execution enviornment that runs in the same physical box as Connect. However, what sets this application apart is it's integration into the newsroom system and it's ease of use. The user accesses this via a plugin in their newsroom system of choice and simply calls upon premade styles. This program allows the user to create complex, scripted event sequences that are run within the Tricaster, without needing to know the exact set of actions needed to accomplish it! Styles can be associated with slugs within the rundown, and when the show is on air the director only has to push the 'next' button to drive a complicated succession of actions within the Tricaster.